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We do not brag, we have dealings with them and they succeed, and that is why they are our Clients.  Join the list.

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We have a team of professionals with varied expertise to see your project to fruition.

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We form teams with complimentary expertise that will help you with the problem on hand.

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We are an agile team of professionals form for you only

All of us are experts in our domains.  Based on your needs, we gather to review and work on your needs.  Talk to us about your concerns.

A few things we’re great at

The world is so complex, mundane and full of latency.  We help you to see Learning in a different dimension.  We question learning by making learning Simple, Fun and Effective, and we make Questioning a way of Learning.


Simplicity is bliss.  Simple comes from having clarify in what is to be learnt.


Learning through Game, Game-Based Learning and Gamifications are our forte.


We have 4 levels of measuring effectiveness in Learning

learning by questioning

Our Award Winning platform – SmartzWerkz uses adaptive through AI to make you learn better.  We grade your essays instantaneously.

The secret of success

Traditional Learning is making way for Pragmatic Learning.

What matters

In a particular domain, we treat some things as blackbox, so that we have the brain-wave to know what really matters.

what counts

If something COUNTS to your objective, that is what matters. If it does not count towards your P/L, why bother?

what is Important

People tend to mix up with what is important vs. what is necessary (or good to have). We focus on ingredients that make the best soup; the rest spoils the broth.

what is important

In Traditional Learning, everything matters, e en you need to use the same colour ink as the Powerpoint presentations. We discern what is fancy and what is really necessary.

The secret of success

Learning has to be SIMPLE, FUN and EFFECTIVE – a principle and motto of Edtrix Solutions.


By making it fun, we use Games, Game-Based Learning and Gamification.


Simplicity is key to Pragmatic Learning.  We make the un-complex the complex.


We make your Return-On-Investment (Learning) positive, not just equivalent to your current mode; it has to be better.


Realistic and authentic learning b is our focus, because emotions of association deepens learning.


Our clients and Support to Organisations

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

My sales team got on-par with a five-fold in productivity after attended to by Edtrix Solutions that unraveled our traditional teaching mode by the virtual mode.

Michelle Diana


Going online was a dream; Edtrix Solutions made it a reality.  My revenue triple while I was doing, practically, nothing with my e-courses.

John Wayne

Silo Training Owner

Since SARs times, we have pushed out online learning through Edtrix Solutions.  To-date, our training stands in the face of Covid-19 because the fundamentals do not change.

Barbara Johnson

MyMedi Owner

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Our Team

We have an Agile Team that spans across Artificial Intelligence, Human Resource Specialist, Wellness Coaches, Apps Developers… and many more.

Dr. Mak Wai Keong

Founder & CEO

Professor. A.I.

Chief Intelligence Officer

Ms. Candy Chew

Chief Operations Director

Dr. Smartz

Chief Grading Officer

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We constantly scan the environment for innovations related to Teaching and Learning. Come back often to know more about the latest in Educational Technologies and Pedagogies. Do contact us if you have a question using the Contact form below.

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Learning to apply is what we aim for.  The issue with Traditional mode of Training or Learning is cramming all that is perceived to be necessary to the Learner/Trainee.