We have heard and familiar with Micro-Learning. What is Mixro-Learning? Mixro- deals with Modality. Innately, we have a preference in colors, the texture of clothing, and it is so true for our preferred way to learn.

So what is Mixro-Learning

Like it’s MicroLearning counterpart, it is dished out in nuggets of learning units. We see “Questioning” – aka quiz and assessment, as a modality of learning too.

Using our Pragmatica Learning Approach, content is structured to effect learning at its optimal. We make learners learn what matters, what counts, what is important and what is necessary.

Come back by 1 April 2020, yes, it’s April Fool day, and it is not a joke. We will launch our Mixro-Learning Platform. Register your interest here and you will then have a discount of 40% if you need our coaching and our platform to make your learning, like ours, SIMPLE, FUN and EFFECTIVE.


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