There are already Block-Booking by Private Education Institutions (PEIs) for this week

(6 April – 11 April 2020).

The schedule for the next week will be released on Wednesday, 8 April 2020.

If you can form a group of 4 to sign up, I can do a customised session for the group. Please email me at or Whatsapp to +65 9014 0196.

The current pandemic has seen companies and educational institutions scrambling to upgrade learning online.

With the advice from International Franchising Community President, Ms. Donna Lee, Edtrix Solutions has provided 4 online courses to help you to go online with your training at affordable prices. There is also a course (TTL301) for learners to optimize learning in the online environment.

The courses are:

TTL401: Train-the-Trainer: e-Learning Development with iSpringSolutions Suite (online training) *SPECIAL OFFER – free iSpringSolutions Suite Licenced copy for 3 months. – only for sign up and payment before 15 April 2020 only.

TTL403: Train-the-Trainer: To Teach Online Effectively. To be able to teach online effectively requires a new set of skills and strategies.

TTL301-Train-the-Learner: To Learn Online Effectively (online training). This is for Learners who want to optimize their online learning experience. This course allows you to understand the strategies involved to manage discussions synchronously and asynchronously. (Schedule for 13-18 April 2020)

(The following online course is available on request only, due to overwhelmed responses to other online courses. At least 3 to start the class. Email to or Whatsapp +65 9014 0196):

TTL402: Train-the-Trainer: The Agile Design Thinking Experience for Teaching and Learning (online training). This course introduces Design Thinking, Learn Management and Scrum to effectively create the needed learning experience for the participants.

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