It is commendable to provide a repertoire of eTools to other educators is doing the things right, but believing or living in the belief that others will know what to do with the list; without any reference to pedagogical precedence over technological tools, is doing the thing, not right yet. No doubt, the priority is to assist the institution’s needs for online learning but is providing a single article to address a “no idea what to do” with the list of online tools a mammoth task?

One needs to consider what the task is, the learning approach to adopt, and finally, the choice of eTools that will address the needs, will also be of help to the very learning institution that had taken the priority to create it? Let’s do the right thing, and do the thing right too.

Tactical thinking is “doing things right,” while Strategic thinking is “doing the right things.” Strategic thinking is typically leadership: creating the vision. Whereas Tactical thinking is management: implementing the vision.

So, an explanation on how to use the eTools, and the eTools itself are doing the things right; strategically, both are doing the right things.

Here is the write-up on how to use the e-Tools correctly. Do share with your colleagues and fellow educators.

Dr. Mak Wai Keong


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