Today, English is a common language of Business, as well as for communication. Whether you are a working adult, or a young person fulfilling your duties in the schools, writing essays with clarity, correct grammars, sentence structures, and fluency are very critical.

Edtrix Solutions is a partner to promote the use of an Automated Essay Grading system, where Dr. Mak, its founder, provides the pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning based on these innovative tools.

Teachers and Lecturers spend a great deal of time to grade students’ work.

The tool helps:

  • Schools and Teachers (K12, ITEs, Polytechnics, and Universities) – you are able to have a digital assistant to process the digital essays as the first cut; you will come in to authenticate the final grades and edits to the essays. You will be able to collect statistics and understand trends of an individual’s progress (or lack of progress), comparison among cohorts (such as by class, by levels and among schools) and provide targeted remediation on the weak areas for the students.
  • For Lecturers, the benefits are similar to above. Your young and adult learners can have an account each so that the essay is probably calibrated to the writing genre, clarity and fluency, and even plagiarism checks. What you received the submissions, you can focus on the content.
  • For students, this act like a Digital Learning Companion of a sort to engage you in your writing. It does not write for you; it is there to help you to understand and engage you to write better with instantaneous feedback.

A presentation slide can be viewed here.