Hi Guys and Gals, it was a wonderful learning journey that is peppered with your experiences and sharings that enriched the content and feel of the workshops.

Here is the PDF file to my Consultants and Affiliates companies’ descriptions and contacts.

What I do:

  1. I help companies and training institutions/education centers to move online, not just about Content, but with proven Pedagogical Approaches, MixroLearning (a learning paradigm) and Pragmatic Learning, but the whole spectrum of teaching and learning- engage and train your trainers to be focussed and specific in their delivery, and position your courses via the Bloom’s Taxonomy to accentuate learning with purpose.
  2. Provide pieces of training in Personal Effectiveness, e-Learning development Tools and in the area of Coping with Death for non-related caregivers (e.g. doctors, nurses, judges, executioners, etc.)
  3. Smart Education – an upcoming book that I have embarked on to share insights of Smart Education in Smart Cities, and how Parents and Kids can enjoy the Smart Bandwagon.
  4. A new initiative that focuses on Smart Cities Education to create Awareness on Sustainability of our Earth, Resources, and Mankind. It has a short URL created recently: http://www.smace.online .