Edtrix Solutions works with a varied expertise list of experts and professionals in their fields to harness optimal consulting and advice to our clients. We are dynamic teams that form on a project basis, thereby providing you with the best money value and practical initiatives to help your company or individuals.

Pragmatica Learning

We have consultants in the field of Training and Education to dish out our Pragmatica Learning Model, which focuses on “What Matters, What Counts, What is Important and What is Necessary.

Whether online or offline (face-to-face, F2F), our strategies are bottom-line focused, so that the trainees learn what is to be used, not what the formal education model purports – rote learning, memorization, etc.

Visit http://www.pragmaticalearning.com to find out more.

MixroLearning Approach

The modality of learning is about preference. I like to learn through activities and reading (see, these are different modalities, not just one mode), while my sister prefers to listen and adsorb.

Mixrolearning is actually about Mix Role Learning. We optimize you through learning via different modality and train you to be versatile through our programs. Mixrolearning approach also accentuates Micro-Learning so that you learn on-the-go and life-long learning. MixroLearning is also about forming a Tribe (popularised by MindValley), which we called Community X.

If you have any Training and Educational Needs, such as moving your content and training online, we can definitely help.

If you are looking at Approaches to Learning and Teaching, my team is always welcome to share too.

So what we do?

We train your people to teach online.

We help to convert your current content to an online and/or blended mode, or what is commonly known as “Flipped Classroom”.

We provide educational and training consultancy to upscale the Return-On-Learning (ROL).